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go or go ahead and surprise me

Beauty is looking into those light brown eyes inches away from my own, noses touching, and smiles that can't be surpressed anymore.

Beauty is his adorable laughter as he begs me to stop tickling him, playfully trying to hold my arms back. 

Beauty is rolling over in the middle of the night, drawing closer to his sleeping form, and receiving a caress on the cheek and a kiss on the forehead just for being there. 

Beauty is hearing him say that he's so glad we're here together, and knowing its not just a line. 

Beauty is feeling his eyes on me like i'm the only person there while the room is filled with people. 

Beauty is an elevator ride, where there's just enough time to hold each other before he leaves. 

Beauty is being this close to someone and not needing a label, just knowing that right now, you are exactly what the other needs. more than anything in the world. 

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